Monthly Archive July 10, 2021

ByIESA Shift

End of Year Beach Borrel

The beach borrel held on 2 July 2021, at Scheveningen beach, brought 2 generations of IE students together a fun and relaxing time offline after a year of intensive on-screen schooling.

It was a good chance to meet and catchup with classmates and friends that we might have not met throughout the restrictions, and even see some new faces. We even had Stefano and Paula share the celebrations with us!

It was nice to see everyone chill together and enjoy the sun and waves, before we all head off to enjoy our summer holidays!

ByIESA Shift

IE Thesis Pitch

The IE Thesis Pitch was organised by the IE Career Committee on June 9th for students looking to embark on their thesis projects. Five IE students currently working on their thesis shared their experiences: developing their ideas from the initial spark, choosing their advisors, working with companies and even writing their papers for dual-masters.

The pitch started off with a quick round of introductions by the five students, each presenting the gist of their current thesis topics, their approaches to writing and also some tips for the attendees. The session then split into breakout rooms, where attendees had the chance to pose their burning questions and clarify their doubts about the thesis writing process with the five thesis-writing students. The thesis-writing students offered many pearls of advice and encouragement. It was very heartening to see the flow of conversations in the breakout room!

At the end, to thank the five students for their generosity and time for sharing with our participants, Shift planted 10 trees on behalf of them!

ByIESA Shift

Food for Thought series

This year, Shift is proud to be part of the organising team for “Food for Thought”, an event that encourages participants to make more conscious decisions about food through both online and offline activities on food circularity and action. The series was organised by the LDE Center for Sustainability Students, together with 7 associations from Leiden, Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam.

On 1st June 2021, Shift hosted Coen Hubers for an online lecture, “To Meat or Not to Meat?“, as part of the week-long Food for Thought series.

In his exciting lecture, Coen Hubers, founder and coordinator of the AgriFood Hub at LDE Centre for Sustainability, answers important questions about the current transition in our system. Questions regarding the impacts of meat substitutes, about the roles animals play in the food system’s supply chain, and questions about how regenerative farming, mimicking healthy natural ecosystems, can benefit the environment.

On June 2, Shift got together with the team from Plastic Spotter Leiden to clean-up the streets of Leiden!