Shift Board XI (2020-2021)

The 11th Board specifically aims to increase connectedness between the IE programme and the outside world; there are many organisations and sectors that have potentially great relevance for or interest in Industrial Ecology, but that have not yet heard about the field, the programme or the potential of the students. It is therefore also important to promote the MSc. Industrial Ecology and its students in a broader arena. This vision will be expressed in different types of collaborations, with:

Companies: Capable of systems thinking, seeing the bigger picture and connecting different disciplines, Industrial Ecology students have much to offer to companies. Just not all of them are aware of this. The 11th Shift Board aims to increase the amount of company events to introduce the companies to our students, but also the other way around. This way, students will be better prepared for entering the job market.

Other sustainability (student) associations: Strengthening connections with other associations spreads awareness about the IE field and study programme, allows for a bigger reach of Shift events and improves networking opportunities.

Other IE (related) programmes around the world: There is a lot of research going on in the field of Industrial Ecology and some other European universities offer a similar programme. Connecting with students from those programmes allows for strengthening of the IE community and knowledge sharing.

From left to right: Esther, Ceriel, Chantal, Manon, Ivana, Stefan, Naga and Alex

Pictured here the eleventh generation board, consisting of :

Manon van Ginkel (Chair)
Manon will focus on creating an internal and external profile for IESA Shift. She gives presentations about SHIFT and represents the board at events.

Contact her at
Chantal Brugge (Secretary)
Chantals main responsibility will be the communication between Shift and students, through the mail, further she is in charge of creating collaborations to increase the sustainability network of students.
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Ivana Mandić (Treasurer)
The main responsibility of Ivana as treasurer will be to supervise and control IESA Shift’s money. She will make a financial forecast for the coming year and keep control of each expense, including the expenses of committees. Contact her at
 Stefan Lübke (Education Coordinator)
Stefan will be responsible for all academia-related topics. He is in charge of improving the digital learning environment and the facilitation of academic exchange among students.

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 Ceriel Lucker (Business Coordinator)
Ceriel will take care of all the business relationships Shift has. The most important event is of course the career event. Further he strives to create collaborations with businesses like BlueCity.

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Esther Bliek (Alumni and Cohesion Coordinator)
Esthers main focus is on connecting (future) alumni to Shift. Further she helps current students in outlining their academic choices and possible create a platform that holds job/empoyee opportunities. Contact her at
On top of that she is our privacy officer. For privacy related questions contact her at
Alexandra Lamp (Study Trip Coordinator)
Alex will lead the study trip committee for Shift. This committee will have the responsibility and opportunity of organizing the study trip for Industrial Ecology students. The main goal of this trip is to bring students together, this includes students from the different years of the master programme, but also integrating international students with locals and generally helping people connect.
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Naga Gautham Pathi Praveen (Events and Inclusiveness Coordinator)
As the Chairperson of events , Naga aims to bring the IE family closer together, keeping in mind the international students coming from various backgrounds helping them through the journey of IE without a hitch, Making the international students feel a sense of belonging in the IE community and make Industrial Ecology one big family.
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This enigmatic team is responsible for leading and improving the study association for all members. Their tenure began March 2020 and continues for one year. Interested in joining the board? Well of course you are, but you’ll have to wait! Tap one of us on the shoulder during class to find out more.

 We are not the first board of IESA Shift, click here for the ancestors