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Berenschot Inhousedag

Our partner Berenschot is organizing an in-house event! (Dutch speaking only). Check out the description and link below.

Ben jij (master) student en wil je weten hoe het is om als consultant aan vraagstukken rond de energietransitie te werken? Kom dan naar onze inhousedag op 2 juni 2021! Je krijgt een realistisch kijkje bij ons in de keuken: je gaat direct aan de slag met een casus!

Windmolenparken en zonneweides in het buitengebied om stroom op te wekken, laadpalen bij jou in de buurt en restwarmte in plaats van aardgas om jouw huis mee te verwarmen. De energietransitie is overal om ons heen en we krijgen er allemaal mee te maken. Wij helpen overheden en private partijen met vraagstukken op het raakvlak van technologische kennis en inpassing in het fysieke domein en bestaande systemen.

Dit evenement is geschikt voor (master)studenten of net afgestudeerden die geïnteresseerd zijn in bovenstaande vraagstukken en graag een realistisch inkijkje krijgen hoe het is om als consultant aan deze opgaven te werken. We vertellen je alles over ons werk als consultant bij Berenschot, en je gaat in een team, onder leiding van een adviseur, aan de slag met een casus.

Schrijf je in:

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(Winner Announced) Spotting Spring Challenge

Congratulations to Johanna Boyce, the winner of our Spotting Spring Challenge! She spotted a total of 17 items from the list. The prettiest ones you can see on our Instagram post. Thank you for participating, we hope you all had fun!

The next game in the May in Motion is here! Starting May 8th, you can discover your city from a new point of view with the Spotting Spring Challenge: We will post a list of things you can spot in almost any city. Check the 1st button of this post or our socials for the list!

Send pictures of them to us until May 23rd at or upload them to the Google Drive folder to get points, and let us know if we can repost them on our socials. If you post them yourself, you can use the hashtag #spottingspring and tag @iesashift!

While out and about and Spotting Spring, don’t forget to turn on your Strava-App to record your progress against GOSSA!💪

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Represent Shift! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ May in Motion

Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt in Delft marked the kick-off for May in Motion!

Now that it’s getting warmer again (slowly but surely) and restrictions are being eased, we would like for you to get as active as can be, maybe even getting to know some more people in your surroundings (in a safe manner). Don’t be afraid to drop it in one of the groups if you are going for a walk and are looking for a partner!

To track our progress, we made a Strava group. We will compete with the Governance of Sustainability Study Association (GOSSA) for who spends the most time actively outside (walking, cycling, running). At the end of the month, prizes are waiting for the person who cycled, walked, and jogged most.

So, join our Strava club and make your active time count!

ByIESA Shift

GOSSA & Shift city tour + scavenger hunt

It’s springtime and the weather is steadily getting better. Time to relieve the cabin fever and get outdoors! Shift is collaborating with GOSSA (Study Association of MSc Governance of Sustainability) to get our members moving on two Sundays this month.

Join us in Delft and The Hague for two city walks. Meet people from IE or from the Governance of Sustainability Masters & explore the city with fun tasks along the way! Save the dates: 2 May 2021 (Delft) and 16 May 2021 (The Hague).

Find the sign-up links in the Updates Whatsapp!

See you there and enjoy the sun ☀

PS : you can participate in both the cities

ByIESA Shift

AT Osborne Career Opportunity

*Dutch only*

Zit jij in de laatste fase van je master en wil je meer weten over het adviesvak? En heb je affiniteit met infrastructuur, mobiliteit, gebiedsontwikkeling en/of duurzaamheid? Tijdens de inhouse middag van AT Osborne op donderdag 22 april krijg jij een unieke kans om op een laagdrempelige manier te oefenen met jouw kwaliteiten en je te oriënteren op je toekomstperspectief in de consultancy!

Wil jij je als ambitieuze starter binnen no-time ontwikkelen tot adviseur? Werk je graag aan complexe vraagstukken met een maatschappelijke impact, bij publieke opdrachtgevers die ertoe doen? AT Osborne zoekt voortdurend naar afstudeerders en starters die de lat hoog leggen. Al bijna decennia dragen wij met ruim 150 consultants en managers bij aan de grootste en meest vooruitstrevende klimaatadaptatie en mobiliteitsprogramma’s van ons land. Projecten waar we trots op zijn. Tijdens de inhouse middag vertellen we je hier meer over, werk je aan een casus en leer je onze collega’s kennen.

Ben je enthousiast geworden? Aanmelden kan tot en met 12 april. Check Wil je, naast de Inhouse dag, weten wat je nog meer bij ons kunt doen? Check onze actuele (afstudeer) vacatures op de website, meld je aan voor onze maandelijkse nieuwsbrief ‘Werken bij’ of volg ons op instagram. 

ByIESA Shift

Winter activity: Shakshuka Recipe

In this cold weather, you want a meal that will keep you warm and contains enough energy to power you on your epic ice-skating trips or winter city walks! Shakshuka is a simple one pan dish which fulfills these requirements perfectly. There are a lot of different ways of making it, so don’t limit yourself to this recipe, you can add all the different veggies you like! For example zucchini, kale or carrot go very well with this dish. This version includes falafel to provide you with that extra bit of power. Although the eggs are one of the main features of any shakshuka the falafel allows for you to  take them out and make it a vegan dish. It is best served with some bread, couscous, or bulgur. 

Ingredients (2 people) 

  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 gloves of garlic 
  • 200 gr falafel
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 eggplant
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon coriander powder
  • 1 tablespoon fresh  parsley 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon cumin
  • salt and pepper
  • 100 gr white feta cheese (optional)


Cut the onion, eggplant, bell pepper, tomatoes and  feta into pieces. Heat a bit of olive oil in a big pan and fry the onion and bell pepper for a few minutes. Add the herbs (except for the parsley) with the eggplant and fry for a few more minutes. Then add the tomatoes, the tomato paste and maybe a cup of water. Leave this to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Use this time to fry the falafel and prepare the side dishes.  Then, break two eggs over the vegetable mixture, close the lid and let them cook for 5-6 minutes. Garnish with the fresh parsley and optionally the feta cheese.

ByIESA Shift

Random Acts of Kindness week! (February 14-20)


After Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years it is now time for…. Valentine’s Day! Wait, wait, before you tell me all about how it is a commercial holiday (although I love that the chocolate is on sale the day after that) or that it is impossible to have a date during this crisis: it is also the start of a week I had no knowledge of before writing this piece, but is really important: Random Acts of Kindness Week!

While I was writing on the importance of love in all its forms: love for your partner, but also your family or the people around you, this week is all about that, and gives you a broader look on what Valentine’s day could be!

During this crisis, it’s even more important than ever, to look out for each other and help each other. And I think that’s where all these holidays are for: sometimes we are so stuck in our daily lives, that we forget the amazing things around us, and during these holidays, we can stop for a minute and appreciate what we have.

And, it’s for a good reason! Did you know that by helping others, you find happiness yourself? So, if you are a bit down due to the current situation (like most of us)… stop for a minute, and look around you. Is there someone who needs a hand?

We’re educated to think about the world around us, but sometimes we get so focused on that, that we forget to appreciate the little things around us. Therefore I would like to invite you to focus this week on different kinds of love, by doing random acts of kindness.

Some love for… the world

–        Pick up some litter

–        Help mapping for a good cause

–        Volunteer somewhere

–        Replace something in your house for a zero-waste alternative

Some love for… random people

–        Everyone takes some walks nowadays to refresh their minds. So if you are a bit sad, a smile of someone can do a lot! When you go for a walk, say hi and smile!

–        Start a conversation with a random person.

–        Leave a book in one of the many shared book points.

–        Write some happy note on the pavement with chalk, or paint a rock and hide it somewhere for a random person to be found!

Some love for… your family/friends/housemates

–        Bake something nice, and hand it out to them!

–        Just… listen. Ask them about their day and really listen to what they say.

–        Send a text message to a person you haven’t talked to in a while

–        Send a postcard to someone

–        Call your grandparents

–        Volunteer to do something for someone: baby sit, help studying, etc.

–        Give someone a compliment

Some love for… yourself

–        Stop and smell the roses: like literally: go for a walk, but enjoy the moment and look around you! Watch the sun reflecting on the water, or how birds are flying over you, and realize, spring is coming.

–        Meditate: you’ve got a lot of nice apps to start with this

–        Exercise: also a lot of apps, for which you will feel better even after 5 minutes.

–        Just buy that nice dessert you’ve been looking at for the past 10 minutes.

–        Take a spa day at home

–        Make a list of all the things you want to do, when we’re allowed to do so again.

–        Read a great book

–        Try something you’ve always wanted to do: that fancy recipe, paint something just for fun or start balcony garden.

You can find a lot of ideas at the Random Acts of Kindness Site.

Although we learned that everything on this planet is finite, there is one exception: “happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it” (Albert Schweitzer).

Do you have more ideas or did some of them? Send your story/picture to us, and we might show it in the next newsletter!

Picture: altered from a picture of: Foto door Lisa Fotios via Pexels.

ByIESA Shift

What to do next to/after IE?

IE courses are fun, but sometimes you want to do something else. Taking part in a challenge, going to a conference or becoming a board member. We created a database for a number of annual events to inspire you. We probably missed quite a few, so that’s where you come in. If you like to add a new challenge or something else to enrich the IE community, you can!

But that’s not it! We also included a list of almost 200 companies which are IE related. So not only the big companies we all know, but especially smaller consultancy firms that might be looking for you! And if you did become an intern or employee, we want to invite you to share your experiences 😉

Click here for the database
Click here for adding an event
Click here for adding a company or experience

ByIESA Shift

Wanted: New Board!

All good things must come to an end, our board year as well. But, this gives you the opportunity to sign up for the next board! We’re looking for a new board from March 2021 – March 2022!

We’ll have the following positions available:


The Chair makes sure the board is running smoothly, plans ahead for the new year and works with the Events Committee to organize great social events for IE’ers such as the gala! Also, the Chair leads board meetings, makes an agenda and is the representative person during official activities.


The Secretary has the task to manage the communication channels. Communication from Shift should be clear, since this board member is often the first port of call. The Secretary works with the Promo Committee, that takes care of the newsletter, updating the website and promotion of events!


The Treasurer is in charge of Shift’s money. The main responsibilities are to make a financial forecast for the coming year and to keep control of each expense, including the expenses of the committees. Next to that, the Treasurer manages our member database and helps the Study Trip Committee to organize an unforgettable study trip!

Education Coordinator

The Education Co-ordinator is responsible for all education-related topics, contributing to Shift’s goal of motivating and supporting students in their academic life. This position allows for a lot of freedom to realize ideas and the chance to support initiatives that have just started such as the “IE students meet…” event series or our international IE student cooperation. Finally, the Education Coordinator is an honorary member of the EduCom.

Alumni and Career Coordinator

The Business and Alumni Coordinator focuses on everything that comes after studying IE, making use of, extending and strengthening Shift’s rich network of alumni and partnering companies. By taking part in the Career Committee (which organises our annual Career Event) and by sharing or (co-)organising business-related opportunities you help fellow Shifters orient on their professional path while working on yours.

Interested? Send us a message or join our online board interest drink!

Sign up for the drinks here

Or email your CV and a short motivation to by January 18th, 2021

ByIESA Shift

Vacancies Berenshot

*Dutch only*

Ben jij net (of bijna) afgestudeerd van de universiteit en klaar voor een kick-start van jouw carrière? Heb jij interesse in het adviesvak en ben je tegelijkertijd maatschappelijk betrokken? En wil jij bij een organisatie werken met korte lijnen en superveel leuke projecten? Dan is een stage of traineeship bij Berenschot iets voor jou! Berenschot zoekt stagiairs en trainees die willen werken aan de energietransitie, fysieke omgeving en (duurzame) mobiliteit. Bekijk alle vacatures via onderstaande links.



Over Berenschot

Wij zijn Berenschot. 80 jaar geleden grondlegger van het adviesvak en sindsdien onderdeel van de absolute top. Met onze kennis en expertise op het gebied van inhoud, context en transitiekracht helpen wij organisaties in de Benelux en internationaal. Hierbij investeren we voortdurend in toptalent, innovatie en ontwikkeling van kennis. 

Berenschot biedt een inspirerende werkomgeving, waarin interessante en afwisselende opdrachtgevers en gedreven collega’s je uitdagen om je te blijven ontwikkelen. Ons bureau zit vol inspirerende en eigenwijze individuen die allen dezelfde passie delen: adviseren aan publieke en private organisaties. Ingewikkelde vraagstukken omzetten in werkbare constructies. Door ons brede werkterrein en onze brede expertise kunnen opdrachtgevers ons inschakelen voor uiteenlopende opdrachten, zoals: verandertrajecten, stakeholdermanagement , evaluaties, procesbegeleiding, beleidsonderzoeken, en visie- en strategieontwikkeling.