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Ushering in the new semester at iChange

On the 28th of August, Shift Events hosted a dinner and drinks, to welcome Industrial Ecology students, new and old alike, to a new semester.

The previous year had been a tough period for students to get together to get to know one another, hang out and expand their social circles in IE. At the dinner and drinks, new students met their classmates for the first time, while existing students reconnected and shared their summer experiences.

At the community space iChange, a sustainable movement aiming to reduce waste in the food system, students were treated to a barbeque full of vegan delights, all sourced from iChange’s Community Fridge containing rescued food from supermarkets around the area.

With scrumptious food and drinks, the participants had a merry and memorable night in the company of their peers!

ByIESA Shift

Kicking off IE with Shift – Intro Day 2021

The morning of 6th September marks the start of a bold step for over a hundred new faces as they walk into the Naturalis Museum in Leiden, to join the Industrial Ecology Programme at Leiden Unviersity and Delft University of Technology.

Our very own Chairman Johanna presenting the committee structure of Shift to the new students.

Shift was on location to welcome these students as they embark on their Master’s: breaking the ice between classmates-to-be with our introduction session to the study association and rounds of Mentimeter and Kahoot quizzes. The fastest most knowledgable teams won Shift merchandise!

After the official introduction event by the University, was the time for the Introduction Scavenger Hunt! Participants – split into small teams – walked, dashed and photographed their way across Leiden city with their cute succulent mascots. The creativity was flowing throughout the event – Shift received a slew of cool, funny, sometimes quirky submissions of the teams completing their tasks in quick succession.

At the end of the day, participants, organisers, mentors alike wound down at the Huigpark in Leiden, to draw the day to a satisfying close.

ByIESA Shift

Cleaning Delft once piece at a time

To celebrate Word Cleanup Day on 18th September 2021, Shift organised a cleanup event at Delft Campus station.

Equipped with plastic reachers and rubbish bags in tow, our determined pick-up force made our way across Delft Campus area. We cleared rubbish pieces, big and small, from the pathways, roadsides and grass patches on our walk.

What an experience! The team saw all forms of rubbish: paper, plastic, metal cans. Can you guess what is the most common form of rubbish that we picked up?

After a long day in the sun, the team finally took stock of our work – 5 bags of trash cleared from the streets of Delft Campus!

ByIESA Shift

End of Year Beach Borrel

The beach borrel held on 2 July 2021, at Scheveningen beach, brought 2 generations of IE students together a fun and relaxing time offline after a year of intensive on-screen schooling.

It was a good chance to meet and catchup with classmates and friends that we might have not met throughout the restrictions, and even see some new faces. We even had Stefano and Paula share the celebrations with us!

It was nice to see everyone chill together and enjoy the sun and waves, before we all head off to enjoy our summer holidays!

ByIESA Shift

IE Connect – Terrace Edition

Now that the terraces are finally open we want to bring back IE connect! You can sign up to get to know someone from IE in Leiden on the 3rd of June at 18:00. We will be booking several spots in terraces by the water, so you might even be close to other IE students making friends. Fill out the registration form by Monday, 31/05 so we can see who would be a good match for you. See you there 🍻

ByIESA Shift

(Winner Announced) Spotting Spring Challenge

Congratulations to Johanna Boyce, the winner of our Spotting Spring Challenge! She spotted a total of 17 items from the list. The prettiest ones you can see on our Instagram post. Thank you for participating, we hope you all had fun!

The next game in the May in Motion is here! Starting May 8th, you can discover your city from a new point of view with the Spotting Spring Challenge: We will post a list of things you can spot in almost any city. Check the 1st button of this post or our socials for the list!

Send pictures of them to us until May 23rd at or upload them to the Google Drive folder to get points, and let us know if we can repost them on our socials. If you post them yourself, you can use the hashtag #spottingspring and tag @iesashift!

While out and about and Spotting Spring, don’t forget to turn on your Strava-App to record your progress against GOSSA!💪

ByIESA Shift

Represent Shift! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ May in Motion

Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt in Delft marked the kick-off for May in Motion!

Now that it’s getting warmer again (slowly but surely) and restrictions are being eased, we would like for you to get as active as can be, maybe even getting to know some more people in your surroundings (in a safe manner). Don’t be afraid to drop it in one of the groups if you are going for a walk and are looking for a partner!

To track our progress, we made a Strava group. We will compete with the Governance of Sustainability Study Association (GOSSA) for who spends the most time actively outside (walking, cycling, running). At the end of the month, prizes are waiting for the person who cycled, walked, and jogged most.

So, join our Strava club and make your active time count!

ByIESA Shift

GOSSA & Shift city tour + scavenger hunt

It’s springtime and the weather is steadily getting better. Time to relieve the cabin fever and get outdoors! Shift is collaborating with GOSSA (Study Association of MSc Governance of Sustainability) to get our members moving on two Sundays this month.

Join us in Delft and The Hague for two city walks. Meet people from IE or from the Governance of Sustainability Masters & explore the city with fun tasks along the way! Save the dates: 2 May 2021 (Delft) and 16 May 2021 (The Hague).

Find the sign-up links in the Updates Whatsapp!

See you there and enjoy the sun ☀

PS : you can participate in both the cities