Our amazing committees regularly organise events to boost your career opportunities, meet new people or just to have a lot of fun. Despite the current situation we’re doing everything we can (and are allowed to do of course) to provide you with plenty of opportunities to connect, be inspired and enjoy these times the best we can. Check below for all upcoming events!

Jackbox Game night

October 26th

Save the date, because this night we’re gonna have fun. Make sure to have a Discord, because we will have an interactive online game night!

More information will follow soon!

After-Exams Relax night

November 7th

Time to unwind! Forget about all the stress and just chill with us.

More information will follow soon!

Shift Future Mobility Week

November 10th – 13th

Flying cars, Hyperloop and autonomous public transport. What will the future of mobility look like? Or rather, what are the impacts from all these new types of transport? Will they even be an improvement over current vehicles, looking at the bigger picture?

Take a deep dive into the intricacies of future mobility and its advantages (and disadvantages) over traditional mobility. The challenge will take place from 10-11 until 13-11 and the best idea wins an awesome prize!

More info and sign-ups next week, so stay tuned!

Sustainable Career webinar

November 25th – 27th

In this three day during event you will have the opportunity to broaden your vision on your career. Meet some interesting companies and network.

More information will follow soon!

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