Previous Events

Through the years, we organized many events related to education, networking and ofcourse, having fun! Think of our annual study trip, or dance and talk during our gala. On this page you will find some experiences from our fellow members.

Future Mobility Week

November 10th- 13th 2020

Unfortunately, we were unable to organise our annual study trip which is why this years’ mid-November activities were a little bit different. Instead of going abroad, we encouraged everyone to stay at home and participate in our Future Mobility Week. Bam and the Future Mobility Network provided us with a challenging case on the impact of new modes of mobility.

All teams came up with their unique concepts for a solution, with the winning team now working with BAM to implement their SCUBA-method. This tool will aid efforts to predict, calculate and manage CO2 emissions from all types of mobility we see today or those yet to come in the future.

“I experienced the Future Mobility Week as an awesome challenge. It was cool to come together with a team and quickly come up with a solution for a real world sustainability problem. Even though we had limited time and information available we managed to come up with a solution that the client could actually apply!”

Siemen, one of the winners of the Future Mobility Week

Online event: Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 15th 2020

The winning pumpkin!

Halloween is just around the corner, so it was about time for some spookiness! The Events Committe organised an online Halloween Night to carve some spooky pumpkins and play fun games. Whilst waiting for the best pumpkin to be chosen as winner, we played Among us and Jackbox Trivia Murder Party. We had a lot of fun, shared tips on how to cook our pumpkin (leftovers) afterwards and managed to create some beautiful pumpkins!

Alice, Events Committee

Shift Lustrum Gala

June 7th, 2019

Before the Corona Crisis we also had some nice events in real life, like the annual gala:

To celebrate Shift’s 10 year anniversary, we organized a gala at Grand Café Engels in Rotterdam. After the first succesful edition of a Shift gala in Leiden in 2018, we decided to raise the bar even higher and invited 120 IE students, professors and +1s to attend in their classiest outfits. The night was festively framed by the IE Song (written and performed by Lennart), a drag performance, DJs and visuals with space kittens. The unstoppable Events Committee was also responsible for the homemade birthday cakes with the Shift logo!

-Lowik, Chair of Shift board X