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ByIESA Shift May 9, 2021

Spotting Spring Challenge Photo Tasks 📷

To participate in “Spotting Spring”, students can take pictures of the objects, plants and animals listed (see pictures), send them to Spott

Spotting Spring Challenge starts 8th May
ByIESA Shift May 8, 2021

Spotting Spring Challenge

The next game in the May in Motion is here! Starting May 8th, you can discover your city from a new point of view with the Spotting Spring Chall

ByIESA Shift May 5, 2021

Represent Shift! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ May in Motion

Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt in Delft marked the kick-off for May in Motion! Now that it’s getting warmer again (slowly but surely) and restri

ByIESA Shift May 2, 2021

GOSSA & Shift city tour + scavenger hunt

It's springtime and the weather is steadily getting better. Time to relieve the cabin fever and get outdoors! Shift is collaborating with GOSSA

ByIESA Shift March 31, 2021

AT Osborne Career Opportunity

*Dutch only* Zit jij in de laatste fase van je master en wil je meer weten over het adviesvak? En heb je affiniteit met infrastructuur, mobil

ByIESA Shift February 10, 2021

Winter activity: Shakshuka Recipe

In this cold weather, you want a meal that will keep you warm and contains enough energy to power you on your epic ice-skating trips or winter c