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Career by Shift

"One of the key pillars of Shift is to help you with your future career. Industrial Ecology is a very diverse study. You might have the impression sometimes that you learn a little about everything, but never become an expert at one topic."

That’s where the Shift Career Committee comes in! We connect you with the broader field of Industrial Ecologists and related careers, and empower you in your path towards landing a fulfilling yet meaningful job!


Career Fair

Every year in May, the Career Committee hosts a fair where companies and students can meet, talk and have workshops together. Apart for the incredible opportunity of creating direct connections with HRs and get a better understanding of who is interested in industrial ecologists, it is said these events have the best free kaas boterhamen.

Lunch Lectures

Get ready to expand your knowledge and connect with top professionals in your field! Our lunch lectures are the perfect opportunity to do just that. With a diverse range of topics presented by companies, alumni, and experts, you're sure to learn something new and exciting. And the best part? We provide a free lunch for all attendees! Don't miss out on this amazing chance to learn, network, and enjoy a delicious meal.

Alumni events

Looking forward to the alumni event, we are excited to hear from former students of the Industrial Ecology master program about their experiences in the job market and the various developments they have undergone since completing the program. We anticipate an engaging and informative discussion about the diverse range of career paths that our alumni have pursued, and the impact that their education has had on their professional lives. We are proud to have played part in their success and look forward to hearing about their continued achievements.

IE Career Database


Generations of IE students compiled a list of almost 200 companies which are IE related. So not only the big companies we all know, but especially smaller consultancy firms, organisations and more, that might be looking for you! 


Our Partners

If you want to become a partner of SHIFT send your proposal to:
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