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Education committee is the foundation of Shift as a study association. Intergenerational help and support represent not only the realisation of a short term goal (getting a good grade) but the fulfilment a broader ideal of cohesion and comprehension between generations of Industrial Ecologists. 

The committee organises lectures and debates on relevant topics such as Beyond Growth or Climate Justice.

It also supports the study advisors in Q&A sessions about thesis preparation, electives and even peer workshops on Python or Latex.

With the SHIFT subscription you can access the two biggest achievements of the committee:

  1. SHIFT Living Guide - a 20 pages long manual to the Netherlands. Housing, banking, student finance and more won't be a mystery anymore!

  2. Electives Database - a comprehensive Excel of more than 50 electives from the official IE list with ratings and comments of alumni. Are you interested in a course but you still doubt its relevance or the lecturing skills of the professors?  Then check the database and make your choice! Also your contribution will help the people after you.

  3. Study Material - a Google drive folder with study material from the mandatory courses. Preparing an exam is never been so easy.


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